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housing assistance

Temporary Accommodation

Landing in a new place, not knowing anyone or where anything is can be a challenge. Finding suitable accommodation can take time and many people like to get a ‘feel’ for a place before they sign up for a lease or mortgage. Move Goldfields has a range of temporary accommodation providers who are set up to assist individuals, couples or families, catering for all budgets. These include cabins in tourist parks, self-contained furnished units, guest houses or homestay accommodation, serviced apartments or hotels. Your temporary stay may only be for a week or a month until you find something more permanent, but Move Goldfields can assist with finding something that is just right for you.

Home Search

You may prefer to move into something permanent straight away, so even before you arrive in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Move Goldfields can be your eyes, brains trust and feet on the ground, researching the local market for properties available and suitable for rent or sale. We will connect with you to find out what you and your family need, what type of area you’d like to live in and then meet with real estate agents to check out the houses, and even arrange building and termite inspections if required – whatever it takes to make your transition smoother. Move Goldfields has a connection with a range of reputable service suppliers who are able to provide reports, advice, repairs or replacement as needed. We can also put you in contact with mortgage brokers, banks, settlement agents, insurance brokers, lawyers and many other services that you may need when renting or purchasing a new home.

When you arrive in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Move Goldfields can arrange for your inspection with the real estate agents and be your advocate if there are things you don’t understand about the process. Renting or buying a property where you feel comfortable, secure and ‘at home’ is a big deal and can be a big part of the ‘happiness factor’. We will endeavor to help make your choice easier, so your move is smoother.

If you need furniture, we can help you find new or pre-loved items (there are always people leaving or upgrading, so it’s easy to find quality second-hand furniture on social media sites or at local thrift shops). There are three large furniture and electrical stores that offer a wide range of new items that are readily available.

(Please note: Move Goldfields cannot provide legal advice, and while all due diligence will be carried out, we cannot be held responsible if issues arise with the house or the contract of lease or sale. Our role is only to assist – you will need to ensure that you understand every paper that you sign!)